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Here you will find personal impressions and experiences of some hard of hearing people which tell you how the use of high-tech hearing instruments has changed their lives. Perhaps this will encourage you to try a hearing solution for yourself and be positively surprised ?
Savia testimonials

Hearing Problems Shawn (Thailand), July 2014
External patient review
Those who have hearing aids, I recommend you to visit this clinic. The doctors, staff, and owner of the clinic are very friendly and helpful and make sure you get the best hospitality. They have got all the latest technology which you need. Fast and effective. Very good location, in the heart of the city.

Prof. Dr. Remy (Thailand), July 2014
External patient review
Prompt, attentive and flexible service. Good price-performance.

Hearing Assesment Rob (Thailand), August 2014
External patient reviewDr. Manut is a total professional, and possesses a very friendly manner.. important when dealing with kids! (and adults ;- ) He also carefully reviewed any and all data from other clinics before assessing the best hearning aid product for my son. Highly recommended.

Rebecca Alexander , 27, clinical psychologist, USA :
"I am emailing you to thank you so very much for my new Phonak Savias. The technology and quality of sound are truly amazing. I used the FM system for a trial period. My boyfriend and I had dinner with a group of friends the other night at a dark and noisy restaurant. Generally, going to dinner in NYC can be a bit daunting as I am usually trying to catch as much of the conversation as I can despite all of the background noise. Both Alan (my boyfriend) and I were amazed by how well I was able to follow the conversation at the table the other night without needing things to be repeated. I had such a wonderful time at dinner that night. I just wanted to let you know that the technology is really great.
I work as a clinical psychologist at the St Francis de SalesSchool for the Deaf. The first day I tried these hearing aids at the school I had to change the frequency of my FM because I was picking up the voices of teachers in the classrooms on either sides of my office! I could not believe how much power these hearing aids have. When I attend the administrative meetings, I found myself only using my hearing, not reading lips as well.
Lastly, I teach spin classes and body sculpt classes in the evenings. Hearing the music is VERY important to me in order to teach a fun and intense class. The discrimination these hearing aids provide me with has allowed me to choose new and unfamiliar music because I hear everything so
much more clearly now.
Thank you again for all of your efforts to provide me with these hearing aids. In just one week I have noticed a tremendous difference . I am looking forward to going home to California to use this new technology at my parents' big Thanksgiving table."

Buzz Aldrinastronaut, moon walker and Savia wearer, USA :
Communication was key when Neil Armstrong and I took our first steps on the moon on July 20, 1969. Today, I rely on Savia to help me navigate through my busy life as author, lecturer, and family man. Understandably, effective communication remains key in my active life among other things, I love to scuba dive and ski despite my severe high frequency hearing loss.

Upon discovering Savia, I was delighted. Previous hearing instruments that I tried had amplified all noise and not sounds I specifically wanted to hear such as the words of my friends and family at social gatherings. But Savia gives me just the right amplification in any situation - whether I am in a crowded restaurant, or skiing down a windy mountain.

I was also truly thrilled to find out about the SmartLink SX wireless device. I just love the fact that it makes my Savia compatible with my mobile phone! Being able to communicate on my phone with perfect sound quality is a huge plus!

I may not be planning any more trips to the moon, but that doesn't mean I'm prepared to sacrifice rewarding communication down here!

Susanne Seiler, Switzerland :
Susanne Seiler was delighted after just the second session with her hearing care professional. Suddenly, I heard my own steps again, the rustling of my clothes and my PC's fan. I understand my conversation partners in basically all situations and can have relaxed talks, but I had to relearn many forgotten sounds, e.g. rain drops or the wind on a sailboat."

Susanne Seiler would no longer be able to perform her demanding job without a perfect hearing system. She often works in operating rooms and instructs personnel regarding the monitoring equipment. Here, the sense of hearing is very important. I have to understand people who wear a mask and don't face me when they talk to me. This is made even more difficult by the fact that there is a complex background noise in an operation theatre and conversations can only be held relatively quietly.

Already in the test phase Susanne Seiler was very happy with the sound quality. When Savia by Phonak was inserted into my ears, one thing became immediately clear: I have to have this instrument, no other will do. Finally, I had the feeling that I was hearing as before.

Mrs Seiler is also enthusiastic about the wearing comfort, as she wears her two behind-the-ear-instruments throughout the whole day without actually being aware of them. "I cannot imagine my life without Savia any longer."

Viggo Rolighed , Denmark :
Viggo Rolighed is one of the very first test persons in the Savia field trials. He had been wearing ITE hearing instruments of a different manufacturer before the Savia fitting.

Viggo states, Savia passed the test for me when I attended a big Norwegian fair. Even though there was plenty of noise after all, about 48,000 persons attended the fair in three days it was easy for me to talk to the customers and to understand the whole conversation. The biggest surprise for me was that I wasn't tired or had the usual headache after a long and busy day.

Previously, Viggo always asked his wife to turn the radio off when he got home from work. To him it was just disturbing noise. But now this perception has changed and he can effortlessly talk to his wife while the music is playing.

It is very important for me to be able to use my cell phone, as this is an important part of my job. Today, I can use the cell phone without any difficulties something I couldn't do previously. My family has also noticed that I don't talk as loudly as I used to. They often had to tell me to speak quietly.

At parties he used to be able to talk only to the people next to him, but nowadays Viggo can also talk to the other people around the table also people across the table. This makes parties so much easier and more enjoyable for Viggo.

My job is very demanding. I work at Jesperhus Blomsterpark (around 270,000 visitors per year) and arrange visits, show people around etc. It is therefore crucial that I understand the customers immediately. With Savia I can finally rely on my hearing aids because I hear exactly what the customers tell me for the first time.

Life is for living, he says and smiles. He simply feels less handicapped with his new hearing aids.

miniValeo Testimonials:

David A. Doerflein, USA :
I am a parole officer for the State of Indiana . As such, it is essential that I am able to communicate in an effective manner.

I also play classical guitar as a hobby. I began to notice how the instrument didn't "resonate" as it used to. Additionally, I couldn't hear and enjoy high frequency sounds when listening to music.

I am only 47, and never considered that I might be suffering from hearing loss. My wife finally suggested that I visit an audiologist. The audiologist fitted me with a pair of miniValeos. Results were immediate!

Communication at work is much easier, and I can enjoy my music again. My guitar has never sounded better!

My miniValeos have greatly increased my quality of life.

Bas Lammers, Netherlands :
Having been born with only 10% and 20% hearing in each ear, I know how crucial hearing instruments and communication are to living a normal life. With Supero and the FM system from Phonak I am able to live my life to the full. Even in the extreme situations I experience in my job as a professional Cart Racer, FM enables me to overcome my hearing loss.

Lein Sturm , Netherlands :
My work as an architect involves many meetings in both small and large groups. With Perseo I am able to function normally again in all of these environments. Even when riding my motorcycle, Perseo provides me with the comfort and security I need.

Maurice Smits, Belgium :
Wearing my new hearing instruments, I have become another person. While before I got more and more isolated, I am now functioning again as a committed Computer Science teacher. Also in my spare time, outdoor weather impacts, such as wind, rain and other noises, do not bother me any longer. While cycling on bike trips, I even can understand my friends!

Gea Klein, 50, remedial teacher:
With Perseo I rediscovered many sounds. Not only can I hear water coming to the boil or my budgies grinding their beaks, I can also locate sounds. Thanks to the personal automatic of Perseo, noisy crowds are no longer a problem. Unwanted noises are suppressed and I can hear comfortably. The integrated FM receivers enable me to understand speech in very difficult situations. Gea Klein wears two Perseo 311 dAZ FM and uses a HandyMic and a SoundPilot remote control.

Philipp Keller, 32, CAD structural engineering draftsman, Lucerne
Up to now I have hardly been able to use my cell phone in a normal way. SmartLink has exceeded my expectations greatly: a wireless FM device which offers three additional interesting functions and is able to integrate all this in a casing of the size of a multi function pocket knife. Apart from its simple operation I appreciate the fact that it is able to recognize external signals and that my Supero 412 hearing instruments enable me to answer phone calls automatically. SmartLink is particularly useful during telephone calls. An additional bonus is the audio input for TV sets, radios, CD-players, and Walkman.

The device is small, flexible and handy and can be used basically everywhere. SmartLink represents for me a central communication interface.

Fred Allen, 83, legendary Rugby coach of the "All Blacks" national team, New Zealand :
Fred Allen had a distinguished career as a rugby player, including being All Black captain, but it was as a coach that he gained an unmatched status. He coached the All Blacks through an unbeaten 14-test period from 1966 until 1968. He is the only All Black coach never to have lost a game. His hearing was damaged in World War 2. He states about the Perseo and its accessories: "I appreciate the remote control as I can change the listening programs discreetly and easily if need be. And it is incredible how well I can hear with the new Perseo and how well I can understand speech now even if there is lots going on in the sports stadium. Perseo is the best hearing system I ever had."

Fred Allen wears two Perseo 211 dAZ and uses a WatchPilot2 remote control.

Collin Davis, 18 months, USA :
When Jennifer Davis discovered that her new baby, Collin, had severe hearing loss in both ears, she was very uncertain about what the future may hold. Together with Collin's Dad, Kevin, she started to worry about her son not being able to do everything other kids can. This made Collin's parents all the happier when they learned that the early diagnosis opened lots of doors for Collin. At five months Collin already was fitted with two digital hearing instruments from Phonak at the University of North Carolina (UNC). By 13 months Collin was completely on track with his speech development, displaying absolutely no delay as a result of his hearing loss. Today, at 18 months, Collin has acquired a vocabulary double the size of the goal set. In his mother's words, "I am now getting the confidence that Collin can and will do anything he wants to do. It is hard to imagine now how different our lives would be without his bionic ears!" See also our media release for further info.

Chloe, 7 years, UK :
This letter to Phonak UK was written by Chloe, a seven year old girl. She was fitted with Claro hearing instruments at the age of six.

Dear Roger and all the people at the factory,
thank you for making my hearing aids. You are the kindest people I've met in my life. Thank you so much. How many did it take to make the Claro hearing aids. I can really hear everything. I can hear the falling rain on the roof, Mummy cooking the food, Tara messing up and Daddy playing on the play station. It must be nice to help children who can't hear and make them hear. I would like to be an actress, beautician and feed dolphins and look after them.
Your sincerely


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